Temperature Mapping and Validation

AL-TAR temperature mapping services encompass all your necessary validation tools for reliable and consistent results that match the quality of your valuable equipment. Whether you are following an ASTM standard, IQ/OQ/PQ protocols, or an in house design we have the temperature recording equipment and experience to chart heat uniformity, ramp and soak, as well as maximun and minimum temperature performance.

And as your regulatory compliance partner, we will design a solid strategy for future regulatory compliance objectives as well as provide comprehensive support in meeting instrument validation / qualification and regulatory documentation needs.

Our qualification / validation offers:

  • Complete maintenance history, system history and inventory of components and documentation.
  • Universal IQ, OQ, PQ template format.
  • Verification of components' installation including electrical, plumbing, and communication connections.
  • Verification of components' functionality, operation, and conformity to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Performance verification of laboratory equipment for routine R&D, QA/QC, EPA, FDA, and client-compliance operation.
  • Pre-scheduled and annual instrument qualification / validation programs matched to your company's needs and budget.
  • Cost effective and fast turnaround for your laboratory equipment IQ, OQ, PQ verification.
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