How often should the HEPA filter in my incubator be changed?
Manufacturers recommend that in order to ensure optimal operation HEPA filters be changed at least once per year to maintain proper operation.

Is the calibration of your instrumentation NIST traceable?
Yes. Each instrument is calibrated annually and the documentation kept on file.

How accurate is the CO2 sensor on my incubator?
As long as you calibrate it the recommended once per year, the CO2 sensors are highly accurate. T/C sensors can drift as much as 1% within one year.

How long is my calibration valid?
Your calibration will be valid for a year, which is the industry standard.

How often should I clean my filter or condenser?
It is recommended by manufactures that filters and condensers be cleaned at a minimum of every 3-6 months.

What is the cost for a loaner freezer while you are repairing my unit?
As a convenience to our customers we offer a free loaner freezer while your unit is in our shop for repair.

What benefits does having a Preventive Maintenance Inspection performed on my unit give me?
It ensures that your equipment is running at peak efficiency, and will help to catch problems before they become serious.

What is the benefit of having a service contract?
Once a unit is accepted under a service contract all repair and maintenance is covered for the year. This process simplifies your annual budgets while maintaining the best maintenance available for your equipment

My unit is making a loud/unusual sound. What should I do?
Any and all loud or odd noises or any other unusual symptoms. Please contact our office to set up a service call.

Do you provide emergency service?
Yes, we are available 24 hours per day. Please contact our office to place a service call.